After the incident of mass violence on May 7, 2019, the STEM School Highlands Ranch found its community changed forever.  In the aftermath, students, parents, staff and our community have worked tirelessly to recover from the impact of those events while continuing to maintain a familial and educational environment for the STEM School Highlands Ranch.

In the weeks following that spring day, the school identified Colorado non-profit, community mental health provider AllHealth Network to provide guidance for the mental health needs of the STEM School Highlands Ranch.  AllHealth Network, with assistance from the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance and the Office of Victims of Crime, secured a federal grant from the Antiterrorism and Emergency Assistance Program to fund a physical space to provide resiliency services, counseling, education and resources for the STEM School Highlands Ranch community.  This space was named by students as the STEM Center for Strength.

The goal of STEM Center for Strength is to provide on-site behavioral health support, social connection, educational opportunities and wellness programming in a warm, inviting space dedicated to recovery and resilience.

The mission of STEM Center for Strength is to promote recovery and resilience for the STEM School Highlands Ranch community through social connection and wellness programming.

STEM Center for Strength is supported by an Advisory Committee composed of representatives from STEM School Highlands Ranch stakeholders, involved agencies, and community members who meet monthly to inform, guide, and support the center in its mission.